ITomica Anyone in the Burnham area fancy the ITomica "Micro Golf" competition? You get 1 shot at the Grenville Court pitch…
ITomica Pleased to announce that Cliff Moon recently joined ITomica. Cliff has a depth of experience and is already proving to be a huge asset...
ITomica ITomica are pleased to announce that we've renewed our sponsorship arrangement with Denham CC for 2017 - good luck to all of the teams!

ITomica was formed in 2015 by Martin Tomlinson, Michael Lynam and Asif Ali. We had identified a gap in the market for a company that would work alongside a customer’s IT department rather than replace it. Commonly, a scenario where this might make sense would be where a company has moved much of it’s IT resource “off shore” and conducts most IT support remotely. In these situations, while there is a cost reduction delivered by employing IT people in “low cost centres”, there is still a need for local IT people to perform activities than cannot be done remotely.

One of our customers has gone through exactly this process. But after having done so they quickly recognised that they needed an external IT partner to assist with IT support in their local offices for things like deployment of infrastructure hardware on site, emergency IT support for offices, and generally to manage the deployment of devices (laptops etc) to their geographically dispersed employees. During our working relationship with this company we have developed an excellent, robust set of processes that allow us to deliver a smooth, efficient service to them. From our location near Slough we deploy in excess of 1000 devices per year to their user community, who are spread throughout Europe, and we manage the return of inventory for faulty devices or exiting employees.

In addition to this, we co-ordinate hardware repairs where necessary / cost effective, and we arrange for disposal of hardware in accordance with the WEEE Directive.

We are also experienced in the IT aspect of office moves, having been involved in several of these in recent years.



IT suppport South England



“ITomica's employees have supported our business efficiently and effectively for a number of years.  We have always found them to be professional and highly competent, and would not hesitate to recommend ITomica.”

IT Manager of a Clinical Researc...

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