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ITomica was formed in 2015 by Martin Tomlinson, Michael Lynam and Asif Ali to plug a gap in the market that would work alongside a customer’s IT department rather than replace it. With our extensive experience in the Life Sciences sector and knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of how these organisations operate, it seemed natural and fitting to offer our specialist service to these types of businesses.

A common scenario where our services represent real value in this sector is when a company has moved much of its IT support function “offshore” and conducts most IT support remotely. In these situations, while there is a cost reduction delivered by employing IT people in “low-cost centres”, there is still a need for local IT people to perform physical activities than cannot be accomplished remotely.

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The Team

Martin Tomlinson

Managing Director Read Bio

Michael Lynam

Service Delivery Director Read Bio

Asif Ali

Operations Director Read Bio

Martin Tomlinson

Managing Director


Martin has over 25 years of experience working for various organisations and in a number of different positions. His industry experience includes local government, trade associations, insurance, software development, direct mail, IT outsourcing and clinical research organisations. Martin has experience as a Technical Support Engineer, IT Project Manager, IT Manager and IT Service Delivery Manager.

Michael Lynam

Service Delivery Director


Michael has around 20 years of experience working in various IT roles. He has an array of technical skills and has been responsible for the support of numerous systems and technologies, ranging from various operating systems, network devices and security appliances. Michael has been involved in supporting various ITomica customers and he's been coordinating a number of projects. One of ITomica's customers, a Clinical Manufacturing Organisation (CMO), has had the benefit of his experience and skills which have been put to good use in identifying a number of potential areas for infrastructure and process improvements. As well as being involved in the support of existing customers, Michael is also responsible for business development, customer services and account management.

Asif Ali

Operations Director


Asif has over 15 years of IT support and operational experience. He has worked in various industries of varying sizes. Asif has experience of systems implementations and various server operating systems and applications, as well as an impressive knowledge of a catalogue of end-user applications. Recently Asif has overseen various operations for ITomica and has coordinated the configuration and deployment, in large volumes, of hardware to many areas of Europe for one of ITomica's customers.

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What our clients say

“ITomica have supported all of our UK offices for over 5 years now, and the service has been seamless and of an exceptional standard. Whether it is setting up desks for upcoming new hires, or resolving on site IT hardware issues, ITomica have been both responsive and flexible when it comes to our local offices demands. As well as hardware set up and support, ITomica have also been able to provide resource to support the facilities team during various projects which has been a huge help and I would happily recommend them to any companies looking for IT deployment and local office support services."

Laura Martin

Senior Manager, Key Projects

ITomica have recently assisted us with some office closures, relocation and downsizing projects. These projects have involved tasks such as taking down a whole network, and complete removal of network infrastructure, and physical set up of the network equipment in the new location. They have also assisted in completely clearing floors of IT equipment and setting up desks with various IT equipment at a number of locations. These projects have always been to tight timelines and I am happy to say that ITomica have always stepped up and met all of the project timelines, proficiently and ahead of schedule. Communication has always been excellent from ITomica throughout these projects I would have no issue recommending ITomica for any upcoming projects you may have and will certainly be working with them again in the future.

Steven Ennis

Real Estate Project Manager

Over the years, ITomica and ICON have developed a strong working relationship. They have been especially helpful in Europe, deploying hardware on a daily basis to over 20 different countries. Their robust processes ensure that users receive correctly configured hardware in a timely manner. They are our first port of call when we’re looking for an IT partner for projects. Last year, when the pandemic first took hold, they accelerated the deployment of laptops to those that needed them, and they demonstrated a great deal of flexibility for an integration project that we undertook just while lockdowns were becoming a global “norm”. They have always been happy to help with projects in the US if we’ve needed them. I look forward to continuing to work with ITomica going forward.

Ray Craven

Director, IT Operations

I’ve been working with ITomica for over 5 years now. In that time they have deployed around 7,000 laptops to our user community. I have always found them to be responsive, diligent and efficient. They have worked with our company to develop reliable processes around hardware deployment, and they have worked with us over the years on a number of projects, delivering on time and on budget. We have come to think of them as a natural extension of our IT department and they’ve never let us down.

Rouven Flick

Senior IT Manager

"ITomica has been a useful resource to Tensator, especially when cover is needed for IT staff absence. They have assisted Tensator on a number of occasions. As with most companies, we are heavily reliant upon our IT systems. When a power outage occurred on the business park where our Milton Keynes site is located, it was reassuring to know that ITomica were on site to ensure that we suffered minimal disruption. I would be happy to recommend ITomica to any business needing a trustworthy and reliable IT Support service."

Alex Lyczkowski

IT Manager at Aptuit

"We recently went through a process to find a suitable partner to provide IT support to our Milton Park office. It quickly became apparent that ITomica would be an excellent choice, and they have not let us down. They have industry experience, which was an important factor in our selection process. They are very flexible and tailored a support service to our needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending them."

Renato Fusaro

IT Manager at Aptuit