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ITomica Pleased to announce that Cliff Moon recently joined ITomica. Cliff has a depth of experience and is already proving to be a huge asset...
ITomica ITomica are pleased to announce that we've renewed our sponsorship arrangement with Denham CC for 2017 - good luck to all of the teams!

ITomica’s aim is to partner alongside companies, and provide the front line, "hands on" support that may not always be available internally for various reasons. ITomica understands that many issues are resolved remotely, from a central location, and "hands on" support may not always be required on a full time basis. So when your company finds it needs a responsive, flexible and highly experienced local IT presence, ITomica is just a click or a call away.

See below for some examples of the services we typically provide:

IT Asset Management

ITomica can store, image and configure a range of laptops, that will be ready when you have a new hire coming on board, or require an urgent replacement due to hardware issues. We will also co-ordinate the whole process, from initial order of hardware, through to the delivery of an imaged and configured machine to the end user.

Desktop and Laptop break / fix 

When a laptop or desktop may not be powering on or booting up, ITomica have hardware repair and maintenance experience to get your users back up and running with minimum delay.

1st and 2nd line IT Support

ITomica has many years experience, of supporting thousands of users in all aspects of 1st and 2nd line IT Support. From Windows XP through to Windows 10, and all Microsoft Office packages up to 2016, as well as bespoke in house software our clients use within their business.

Office Moves 

If your company is growing in size and moving to a larger office, or perhaps you are merging with another company, or simply just relocating, ITomica have the experience of several large office moves and mergers. Not only are we able to guarantee the safe and secure movement of IT hardware from one location to the next, but at the new location, we will set everything back up to ensure a smooth transition.


ITomica knows only too well that when an intergration takes place, internal resources  are put under a lot of pressure, and very often out of hours work is required. We have the resource for you to be able to call upon to take the added strain away from your IT department. We can help with the physical side of the integration such as desk set ups, as well as having the IT knowledge to be able to help image laptops and desktops as part of your merger project.

IT Projects

Whether you are rolling out two factor authentication, migrating to Windows 10, or simply just going through a busy period due to growth or projects, you can call upon ITomica to be the extra hands you need to get you through your IT Projects, pain free.

If you need a service that you don't see listed then give us a call.  We are constantly expanding our capabilities and we can assist with most things IT-related.

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“ITomica's employees have supported our business efficiently and effectively for a number of years.  We have always found them to be professional and highly competent, and would not hesitate to recommend ITomica.”

IT Manager of a Clinical Researc...

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